Today’s Horoscope 5/3/2019 Tuesday

Astrology Religious

Sunrise – 06:01 AM

Sunset – 06:07 PM

Moonrise – 05:34 AM, Mar 06

Moonset – 05:24 PM


Tithi – Krishna Paksha

Chaturdashi upto 08:37 PM

AmavasyaNakshatra Dhanishtha upto 04:48 PM

Lunar Month and Samvat

Lunar Month – Chandramasa Phalguna – PurnimantaMagha – AmantaSamvata Shaka Samvat – 1940 Vilambi Vikram Samvat – 2075 Virodhakrit Gujarati Samvat – 2075 Sadharana

Rashi and Nakshatra

Sunsign – Surya Rashi

Kumbha Moonsign – Chandra Rashi

Kumbha Surya Nakshatra

Shatabhisha upto 07:22 AM

Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra Pada

Dhanishtha upto 10:02 AM

Dhanishtha upto 04:48 PM

Shatabhisha upto 11:33 PM


Ritu and Ayana

Drik Ritu

Sharad (Autumn)Drik AyanaUttarayanaVedic Ritu

Varsha (Monsoon)Vedic AyanaUttarayanaDinamana12 Hours 05 Mins 16 SecsRatrimana11 Hours 54 Mins 39 SecsMadhyahna12:04 PM

Auspicious Timings

Abhijit 11:40 AM to 12:28 PM Vijaya Muhurta02:05 PM to 02:53 PM

Godhuli Muhurta5:55 PM to 6:19 PM Sayahna Sandhya 6:07 PM to 7:18 PM

Nishita Muhurta 11:40 PM to 12:28 AM, Mar 6 Brahma Muhurta 4:26 AM, Mar 6 to 05:14 AM, Mar 6Pratah Sandhya 4:50 AM, Mar 6 to 6:01 AM, Mar 6

Inauspicious Timings

Rahu Kalam 3:05 PM to 4:36 PM

Gulikai Kalam12:04 PM to 1:35 PM

Yamaganda 9:03AM to 10:33 AM

DurMuhurtam 8:27 AM to 9:15AM 10:53 PM to 11:40 PM

Varjyam 12:52 AM, Mar 6 to 02:40 AM, Mar 06

Bhadra06:01 AM to 07:19 AM


Today you may have a chance to use your knowledge and zoom ahead of everyone! even students will excel in their studies. Housewives, try your own new recipe.


Anxiety will keep your nerves swollen for the most part of the day. On the work front, you will face success later in the day. You will be a role model for business efficiency and people will try to follow in your footsteps. Your efforts will be validated with generous profits.


Emotions, not acidity, will be the cause of your uneasiness. Something important is going on in your life and you are nervous. It can be related to a matter concerning the law, ethics, prejudice, education, or social customs. You are, however, likely to win admiration from all quarters for your fine taste in arts.


It is high time you paid attention to your family. You have been so lost in work and in making money that you have almost forgotten the very people you have been slogging for. Your spouse has been trying hard to improve the relationship. it is time you respond to your partner’s needs.


Sometimes, it takes courage to be honest and admit to your failures. Doing so only goes a long way in establishing your credentials as a real person. So understand that, while it is only human to make mistakes, it takes more than that to accept them. Also, today is a good day to reconnect with old contacts. Make the effort to do so. It should not be so difficult considering your skills in public relations.


A renewed zest for life will bring in a transformation in you. It is a good time to let people know how important and intelligent – yes, you can be both – are. Your eminence will be obvious as you show how things are meant to be done.


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! You don’t want to be Jack, now, do you? It’s high time you took a break from your busy work schedule. Go on a vacation to recharge your batteries. There are chances that the evening could bring with it some hurtful remarks from loves ones. Don’t be too sensitive to everything that’s said.


The ground beneath you seems a bit shaky; watch your steps. A time would come when your confidence would be shattered, however, don’t let setbacks and failures affect you. Adapt the attitude of ‘this too shall pass’ and the rest would fall in place.


Benevolence will be your middle name today. Being frank and open-minded will have its own advantages. You might just give your life partner a patient ear. This will make them feel treated well.


You have been waiting to hear some good news for long, and today is the day when the wait will be finally over. With your eyes firmly set on your goal, you will develop likings for your work. This will help you make plans and take decisions for the future. You wished to change your current job, but with some good news coming in you may not wish for the same any more.


You will remember this day for the rest of life as today you will make some important decisions and give a new direction to your life. You are in for a windfall and cherry on the cake will be all the recognition and rewards you get for your sincerity and hard work. These positive vibes will help you make sure that you are on the right track.


Today is likely to be a day of mixed fortunes. While a hectic morning and a positively frantic afternoon will see you at your wits’ end, a sumptuous dinner with your sweetheart, followed by a sensuous evening, will delight you out of your mind.

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