Today’s Horoscope 19/2/2019 Tuesday

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If you’re away from home, you might get a bit misty-eyed. And while you’re calling your family, says Ganesha, it’s a good idea to call friends you’re hardly in touch with. It’s a different high, to know you’re loved.


There is a chance that your analytical ability will get noticed today by your boss, predicts Ganesha. Such an analytical skill will add to your awareness and wisdom in the afternoon. You might go on a shopping spree to buy cassettes, CDs and similar electronic gadgets, expects Ganesha.


You may be forced to share your personal belongings with someone else. This may make you a little angry, even jealous perhaps. Spirituality and a visit to a religious place may help you restore your peace of mind, suggests Ganesha.


Your natural talents will be rewarded at work, predicts Ganesha. Later in the day, your peers will fully co-operate to help you achieve your goals. Your popularity will grow by leaps and bounds. But you should not let success get to your head.


With your penchant for being almost surgical in your tasks, it seems there isn’t a single blunder that escapes your trained eye. This fact comes to the fore today and helps you step into the limelight, especially at work, where your efforts get noticed and appreciated. Wisdom always was the prerogative of the observant mind, and so was a bit of indulgence. Ganesha has this feeling that you are filled with the desire to splurge on electronic gadgets today. So, have you checked out the new release from Apple?


Speech-craft will be your potent weapon today, predicts Ganesha. The gift of gab was never more silvery, as you enchant your way into the hearts of the opposite sex sometime late in the day. Put-off work will be completed. Doctors and public servants will have a field day, predicts Ganesha.


Ganesha says today is a day where your attention will be on your family. You will give prime importance to them and may even keep aside work to pay attention to the happiness and well being of your family members. This is a good opportunity to plan an outing with your family members. Work wise too you will be getting golden opportunities to move up. Ganesha says wait and watch, there will soon come the time when you can change your dreams into reality.


Athletes will achieve prime fitness and form today, says Ganesha. Engineers will design plans that will concentrate their resources on laying the foundation to new business ventures. Your social reputation will get a major boost later in the day.


Various things will play on your mind today. From metaphysics to philosophy, from weight loss to diet plans — your thoughts may find it hard to stay steady. Your hands may also have some trouble keeping a check on the outflow of money during a shopping excursion with a loved one. Your charm will help you achieve many things today, says Ganesha.


Those meddlesome neighbours of yours may suddenly come across as more seemly, and even if you can see through their ulterior motives, you will find yourself developing a good rapport with them, says Ganesha. Later in the day, you will indulge in literary works, which will provide food for thought. Finances will be in good shape, and there won’t be much that you would have to worry about. All in all, it will be a good day.


Cleaning up the clutter, either at your home or office, will be priority number one. Grab this chance to impress your boss or spouse and make your personal space squeaky clean. A dinner by candlelight with your beloved will ease your tired muscles, says Ganesha.

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