HDK led govt backstabbed people : PM Modi at kalaburagi

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“Karnataka chief minister Kumarswamy was a ‘Remote Controlled Chief Minister’ and is controlled by Congress and other forces, let the Kumarswamy government describe its achievements and give the details of loan waiver to the people” This is how Prime minister Narendra modi challenged Cheif minister H.D. Kumaraswamy!

Addressing a mammoth gathering of over 1.5 lakh people at N. V. Grounds here, Narendra Modi who addressed a public meeting for the second time in Karnataka in the last one month (first meeting in Hubli) said that the coalition government led by Kumarswamy came to power by promising the people that they would wave-off the entire crop loan immediately.

Modi asked the farmers of Karnataka to tell how many of them have received entire waver of crop loan and how many  of them have received partial loan waver. “This is a government which has lied and back-stabbed to the people,” Modi charged. “Do you want a government at the center which deceives the farmers,” he questioned.

It is the people of the country, especially of Karnataka, to decide whether they want a ‘Looto and Bato government’ like Karnataka or a strong government which could lead the nation in a better way, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi here on Wednesday.

The Prime Minister listed out the achievement of this government in the last 5 years. “The opposition parties initially criticized the Janadhan Scheme and Adhar Scheme. Some people went against Adhar Scheme to the Apex Court also. But due to Adhar Yojana the subsidies of various schemes were reaching to the accounts of the beneficiaries directly,” he said. 

Modi said that prior to NDA government came to power there were over 8 crore people who were not at all born but were alive in documents and were taking benefit of all schemes.

“Approximately these paper persons were getting subsidy and other benefits to the tune of Rs. 1.10 lakh crore.  After I assumed power, screening of such ‘people living in only records’ was started and most of them were eliminated and real beneficiaries were getting profit of the many schemes,” he said adding that this has directly affected the opposition parties and that is why their only target seemed to be ‘Modi Hatao’.

In this meeting Dr. Umesh Jadhav who resigned day before yesterday joined bjp with huge number of suppoters.

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