Abhinandan is back! How is the Josh!!

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The Real hero Abhinandhan is back. Now he is at wagah atari border and completing the procedures.Beating the retreat at the Wagah border was also canceled following the arrival of Abhinandan.

The countdown to the arrival of Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman has started. According to Pakistan’s top military sources, Wing Commander Abhinandan has arrived at the Wagah-Atari border, now he is sighning the papers fallowing procedures.

Being the retreat conducted on the Wagah border every evening, thousands of people visit today, but people do not need it anymore, all the citizens of the country are waiting to see the real hero abhinandhan.

The IAF officials will get Abhinandan along the Wagah-Atari border, which has been entrusted with the Z-plus security of the Air Force chiefs in the background. Abhinandan is reached the border by Road. Abhinandan will arrive at Amritsar Air Base from Wagah-Atari border and then through flight he will reach Delhi.

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